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Matt Smith has a gorgeous 1948 Super Custom Doodlebug for sale .fire red metallic with base and clear coat.Brand new 3 hp B&S with Maxtorque clutch.Chrome handlebars,twist throttle and squeeze brake,new Coker Jumbo,all brand new or restored.Has never had gas or oil in it.$3800.00 call Matt 402-459-1720 or email </>

Matt Smith doodlebug

Nov. 22,2017 Sandy Isenstein has a 1948 Super Doodlebug for sale.This is a 100% accurate rebuilt Bug from YRMW(Don Jackson’s shop),complete with generator, tail light,reflector, decals,etc:.Ser# 245501E,Model #148213,TypeG1046E.He has 11 pages of invoices from YRMW to verify the parts involved in the restoration + manuals.Asking $6199.00 plus freight.
Email Him at</>

Eisenstein Doodlebug for sale

Eisenstein Doodlebug for sale