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Gear Head Get Together 2019

I have been advised by John Rivers, one of our Doodlebug members that the Gear-Head Get Together show date for 2019  is Saturday,August 17,2019 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  The location is Maple Lake, Minnesota and appears to be the place to be on that date. .

According to their website  www.gear-headgettogether.com, the show is for all sorts of about anything gear heads collect, show, swap, or bring to swap meets like this one.Visit their website for pictures of past meets and other info about the show. it looks like a fabulous collection of rat rods, motorcycles,tractors,customs, antiques, and even a seaplane which was displayed at a recent show  .I’ve been told that Doodlebugs and other scooters would be welcomed. No plaques, no trophies, just great fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For more info call 320-274-8283